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FOR your chance to win, solve the crossword to reveal the word reading down the shaded boxes. HOW TO ENTER: Call 0901 293 6233 and leave today’s answer and your details, or TEXT 65700 with the word CRYPTIC, your answer and your name. Texts and calls cost £1 plus standard network charges. Or enter by post by sending completed crossword to Daily Mail Prize Crossword 17,221, PO Box 28, Colchester, Essex CO2 8GF. Please include your name and address. One weekly winner chosen from all correct daily entries received between 00.01 Monday and 23.59 Friday. Postal entries must be date-stamped no later than the following day to qualify. Calls/texts must be received by 23.59; answers change at 00.01. UK residents aged 18+, excl NI. Terms apply, see Page 54.


1 Oliver, perhaps, journalist with a warped look? (7)

5 Fixation if set for treatment by hospital (6)

9 Piece attracting seabird and marsh bird (7)

10 Setback shown by relative facing recess in church (7)

11 Anger found in choir, especially (3)

12 I speculate possibly about minute container for discovery? (4,7)

13 Literary genre starts to seem corny in foreign institutes (3-2)

14 Old posh liberal in ramshackle car is French conductor Nadia (9)

16 Taunt fake put on for play (4,3,2)

17 Something naturally transmitte­d by tense French playwright Jean (5)

19 Old boy, fine American, dressed in coat, showing befuddleme­nt (11)

22 Fish eggs arrowed at intervals (3)

23 Before head of religious house also falling short (5,2)

24 Leading set in Iran upset grunge group (7)

26 Entices politician to enter awkward test (6)

27 Clever reply I put on a thread in middle of area (7)


1 Cats moving around base bit (7)

2 Info with kitchen item released at the last possible moment (2,3,4,2,4)

3 Hot drink mentioned in part of a course? (3)

4 Clothing material exploited in turn (5)

5 Figure dismissed, we hear, in part of garage (9)

6 Line I found in upstanding place? It’s cultivated among the Dutch (5)

7 Eccentric guarantees a spin for older people (15)

8 Decorative covering never changing around front of edifice (6)

12 Light-fingered sort, one featuring in article on France (5)

14 Residences lacking top levels? (9)

15 Element in embargo noticed (5)

16 Bring about aid for an actor? (6)

18 Adolescent disturbed agent defending telephone company (7)

20 Roles brought up for band? (5)

21 Tennis player John has unusual rise around end of season (5)

25 By the sound of it, cover criticism (3)

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