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■ AS CLARE FOGES found (Mail), the problem with getting dates from dating apps is that, while the odds are good, the goods are odd.

Mrs NICOLA JANE SWINNEY, Bromley, Kent. ■ IS IT true that Jeremy Hunt can block former NatWest CEO Alison Rose’s payoff on behalf of the taxpayer? If so, why doesn’t he?

LIZ BYTHELL, address supplied. ■ WHEN a charity tells me how much to donate, that’s when I decide they don’t need my money.

ROBERT DEWAR, Beeford, E. Yorks. ■ WHO to believe about the danger of AI: Elon Musk, tech wizard and business genius, or Nick Clegg, second-rate ex-politician? Tough one.

CERI REES, Tonyrefail, Rhondda Cynon Taf. ■ THE mindless hype has started again. But why are we still allowed to call it Black Friday?

P. WONSON, Alton, Hants. ■ JUST Stop Oil say imposing bail conditions inconvenie­nces them. The irony.

TONY CLARK, Great Glen, Leics. ■ FURTHER to letters about the question ‘How are you?’, my husband invariably replies, ‘Always room for improvemen­t’. Well, it was funny 20 years ago when I first heard it.

L. HOBLYN, Plymouth, Devon. ■ CUMMINGS, Cain and Case: all names that begin with the letter C (no expletive needed).

JIM SNEE, Diseworth, Derbys. ■ THE inquiry knows Boris’s decision-making was poor. He appointed Dominic Cummings.

BARRIE DIBBLE, Plymouth, Devon. ■ DOMINIC CUMMINGS’s descriptio­n of Cabinet ministers? I’d say it takes one to know one.

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