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Tips on getting competitiv­e cover on home insurance:


1 Bulk buy

Buying home and contents policies from the same company may provide a homeowner with a discount. Some providers also charge around 5% less if the homeowner could pay their premium annually rather than monthly.

2 Protect no claims

Most people associate the no-claims discount with car insurance, but you can also benefit from it when it comes to obtaining home insurance.

3 Review your policy annually

Regularly review your home insurance policy to ensure it still meets your needs, changing elements such as purpose and length of time left unoccupied if your circumstan­ces change. Approximat­ely three weeks before your policy is due for renewal is often when the price is most competitiv­e.

4 Beef up on security

Improving security, such as installing a home security system with alarms, BSIapprove­d locks, joining a Neighbourh­ood Watch scheme or getting better smoke alarms with a sprinkler system, could all help reduce premium prices.

5 Ask for extra discounts

Don’t be afraid to ask your insurer for discounts on your policies. If you’ve stayed with the same company for an extended period of time, then you might be offered a loyalty discount as an incentive to renew your policy with them.

6 Shop around and compare quotes

There are new regulation­s in place which ensure that your insurer can’t charge you more than a new customer for the same cover. However, you could be missing out on a great deal if you’re not looking around and seeing what other companies are offering. Make sure to use comparison websites to check if you could score a better deal for your cover.

7 Weigh up excess levels

Increasing the excess on a policy might reduce the premium, but this could mean paying more each time a claim is made so it’s worth weighing up.

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