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Waspish Nicky snipes at ‘dull’ Wills and Kate


BORN to one of Queen Victoria’s goddaughte­rs, Nicky Haslam socialised with Princess Diana, has worked for King Charles, is a good friend of Queen Camilla and once sang in front of Queen Elizabeth.

The waspish interior designer is, however, not impressed by the Prince and Princess of Wales. Haslam, 84, accuses the heir to the throne and his wife of being ‘childish’, unsophisti­cated and dressing like dummies in a department store window.

So disappoint­ed is he that he’s included them on his ‘ Common List’, his playfully snobbish compilatio­n of things that have caused him distress over the past year. The list, reproduced far right, is printed on a tea towel, or ‘drying-up cloth’ as he calls it, which is sold to his friends at £40 a time.

The family are included as ‘The Waleses in blue’, referring to the way that they have worn colour co-ordinated outfits. ‘You see endless pictures of the whole family in various shades of blue,’ he tells me. ‘It’s common. It’s so odd to see an entire family dressed in blue. Wouldn’t little Princess Charlotte like to wear white?

‘It’s supposed to suggest a calm upperclass­ness, which is so dull. If you look at pictures from the old days, the royals had wonderful exotic clothes.

‘But now they look like dummies in Peter Jones’s window.’

He adds of William and Catherine: ‘They do childish things, like play football and games. They couldn’t be less sophistica­ted. They don’t go to literary lunches and read extraordin­ary books or go to the theatre.’

The Old Etonian also includes ‘fly-pasts’ on his list. ‘ They come at every single opportunit­y, they even happen in France now,’ he tells me. ‘ The royals must also find them common. Wouldn’t you after the 100th flypast? Wouldn’t you rather get inside and have a drink?’

Haslam, whose clients have included Sir Mick Jagger and Sir Rod Stewart, also condemns Wimbledon, telling me: ‘ The people who go to it, the whole atmosphere, is now common, there is no glamour whatsoever. It’s no longer elite.’

He insists that the Queen will be amused by his list: ‘I think she’ll have a laugh about it. She is sophistica­ted, she’s well-read, very funny and very quick.’

 ?? ?? Royal blue: The Waleses dress like dummies, says Haslam, pictured top with the Queen
Royal blue: The Waleses dress like dummies, says Haslam, pictured top with the Queen

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