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IN MAY, I booked a one-night stay at a Premier Inn, but I mistakenly booked the wrong night. The hotel staff were helpful and found me a room, for which I paid £128. They said I could claim back my original booking of £112.20 if I called customer services within 24 hours. The line was closed when I rang so I emailed Guest Relations. I haven’t had my money back.

A.C., London. Premier Inn has refunded you for the night you booked in error as a gesture of goodwill. I HAD a building insurance policy with Engage Credit, which was trading as Pepper UK. In 2020, my home suffered a bad flood, which caused £50,000 of damage. I made a claim with Engage but unfortunat­ely it was rejected without any further informatio­n.

J.H., via email. Pepper UK says the policy you had at the time of the water damage was not a building insurance policy but a lender’s title insurance policy. This type of policy only protects your mortgage lender if your home becomes damaged. Unfortunat­ely, it means you are not personally covered for the water damage.

I BOUGHT an air fryer from Amazon but it was recalled by the company last August. I sent the appliance back and was told I would receive a full refund for the cost of the product and the postage. I am still waiting.

M.S., via email. Amazon has now refunded you £113 for the cost of the air fryer and £15.45 postage costs. LAST week, Lloyds Bank asked me to change the password for my online account. I followed the instructio­ns but now I can’t access my account. The issue was being looked into but I haven’t heard since. Please help.

A. A., Kent. There was a mix-up with your password and security informatio­n. Lloyds Bank has now helped you reset your log-in details.

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