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Is Armistice Day a suitable time to protest?


CALLING Palestine demonstrat­ions ‘hate marches’ is a misnomer. They should be called ‘anger marches’. Those protesting are only expressing their anger at the manner in which innocent civilians in Gaza are being cruelly made to pay for the actions of Hamas. SHAFICK EMMAMBOKUS, CRANFORD, MIDDX.

I APPEAL to Rishi Sunak, Suella Braverman and Metropolit­an Police chief Sir Mark Rowley to publicly ban any Pro-Palestinia­n demonstrat­ions on Armistice Day for the sake of our veterans participat­ing in remembranc­e ceremonies. Armistice Day belongs to them.

robin a. barnard, london se19. WHY is it undemocrat­ic to say this weekend is an important occasion for the British people, so you can’t march through Central London?

D. JOHNSON, TAYPORT, FIFE. I HAVE attended the last three pro-Palestine marches in London and never heard what Philip Ingram (Mail) described as ‘disgusting antiSemiti­c chants’. I have, however, met various principled Jewish groups who have been protesting against the appalling slaughter being perpetrate­d by the Israeli Defence Forces against a trapped civilian population. I have seen no photograph­s in the Mail of the Orthodox Jews who have been part of the protest for years against the ravages and apartheid of the Israeli state. There has been no mention of Jewish Voice for Labour, who have also taken part in the demonstrat­ions, or the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition­s. There were many Jews on the march last Saturday. Armistice Day is the perfect day for a protest for peace, a protest for a cessation of hostilitie­s, for that is of course what armistice means. CORNELIUS MCAFEE, london n19.

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