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Raw dog food diet that picky pooches will love

Natural and with many benefits


DECIDING to transition your dog to a raw diet is an exciting step. A raw diet for dogs is perhaps the oldest dog diet on the block, inspired by your furry friend’s natural eating habits. And, as increasing numbers of owners are finding, there are so many benefits — from glossy, shiny coats to fresh breath and good digestion (leading to small and firm poos that are easier to pick up). Why else go raw? Well, it’s natural. Strange as it may seem, when you look at the labradoodl­e or chihuahua by your side, all domestic dogs are descendant­s of the grey wolf, who would consume its prey raw and whole, including offal, getting much nutritiona­l benefit. Even today, wild dogs will hunt and scavenge. Unlike our feline friends, however, dogs can eat certain fruits and vegetables, too, benefiting from their nutrients. When considerin­g a raw feeding plan it’s important to buy highqualit­y, commercial­ly produced raw food, and to trust in your dog’s affinity for it. What’s more, switching your dog onto a raw food diet is surprising­ly simple. Natures Menu recommends transition­ing over a seven-day period, swapping one of your dog’s two daily meals to raw, while keeping the other the same. You could feed your dog half their daily raw ration for breakfast, then give them their old food for dinner. Do this for seven days, then on day eight switch to two raw meals, feeding them their full daily raw ration.

With Natures Menu, it’s a simple and fuss-free process. For example, its complete and balanced frozen raw nuggets are ideal for new raw feeders. They are convenient to store, measure and serve and offer a wide variety of wholesome, nutritious proteins to tempt even the pickiest pooch, with high meat content options ranging from 60 to 80 per cent.

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