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Get reliable help if you fall outdoors


AROUND two million older people in the UK now use personal alarms to get help if they have a fall. These pull cords and ugly red buttons only work when you are at home. But 48 per cent of falls happen outside. Recently, a new type of personal alarm is helping people to stay active and independen­t.

The new alarms look like watches and can get you help from anywhere in the country with their unlimited range. They can even help you track your steps and blood pressure. One of these watches, YourStride, changed Gillian’s life: ‘My word, it has given me so much more confidence as it functions both at home and away. Now, if I fall when out, help is immediatel­y on hand at the press of a button on the watch — as the lovely ladies who answer calls will alert my named contacts or the emergency services.’ However, it’s not always been like this. A few years ago Gillian had a fall and broke her hip.

The council charged her for a red button-style alarm that just made her feel old. It also only worked within her home, not even in the garden. The limited range trapped her indoors. Using her more stylish and discreet YourStride alarm watch, Gillian can be as active as ever, knowing that she can get help anywhere she goes — reassuring for her and her family.

If you know someone who still uses an oldstyle alarm, let them know there are better options, which are worth comparing. Often, your local council will be more expensive than other providers of alarms. Search for personal alarm watches online to learn more about this important safety measure.

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