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FOR your chance to win, solve the crossword to reveal the word reading down the shaded boxes. HOW TO ENTER: Call 0901 293 6233 and leave today’s answer and your details, or TEXT 65700 with the word CRYPTIC, your answer and your name. Texts and calls cost £1 plus standard network charges. Or enter by post by sending the completed crossword to Daily Mail Prize Crossword 17,225, PO Box 28, Colchester, Essex CO2 8GF. Please include your name and address. One weekly winner chosen from all correct daily entries received between 00.01 Monday and 23.59 Friday. Postal entries must be date-stamped no later than the following day to qualify. Calls/texts must be received by 23.59; answers change at 00.01. UK residents aged 18+, excl NI. Terms apply, see Page 56.


1 Mike in trouble with inclinatio­n in a group of subscriber­s (7,4)

9 Maureen is OK possibly about new thing used in winter sport (7)

10 Framework in feature of Scottish landscape for tall fern (7)

11 Musical aptitude starts to

emerge after recording (3) 12 Awful delay around here laid bare describing some cakes? (7)

13 Foolish American figure

touring southern island (7)

14 Sound of a steer? (3)

15 First appearance from bishop

with uniform in Dutch film (5) 17 Two lines penned by

important dancer Gene (5) 18 Temporary summer

garments largely (5)

20 On return, notice a Pakistani

ex-cricketer (5)

22 Sort delicate material with

no end of threads (3)

24 Contribute wine and

money first off (7)

25 Illusory things?

Gamer is misled (7)

26 Limited objective

in part of India (3)

27 Companion has a role that’s

changed in disorder? (7)

28 Very disagreeab­le din

around centre of Rome (7) 29 Naming things separately

upset mountainee­r (11)


1 Proof one melody composed is about right? It’s easily earned reward (5,3,3,4)

2 At home on certain day

and subject to cover? (7) 3 First person struggled, draped by a climbing plant? (5)

4 Tribal rag requiring editing in British territory (9)

5 Very soon elected with a sign of approval from another? (2,1,4)

6 Kitty now dealing with change to accept setback without protest (4,2,5,4) 7 Two writers in turn acquiring outwardly beautiful badge (6)

8 Regal woman clearly on

vacation in French city (6) 16 Grab a mode for playing

chess, perhaps (5,4)

18 Neat tree with cones (6) 19 Greek character detaining discourteo­us Western leader (7)

21 TV chef James has

current drink (7)

23 Woman engaged by stunning recipe fit to eat? (6)

25 Some Roman gathered

Japanese comics (5)

 ?? ??
 ?? ??

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