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Simon who? Becks airbrushes Mr Fuller out of the picture...


The most fascinatin­g footage of David Beckham in his recently released series, Beckham, was of his OCD fixation with keeping his home spick and span.

And you might wonder if his taste for cleaning up has extended further as, despite the fact the series runs for four hours, there was no time to mention Simon Fuller.

Fuller, the former manager of the Spice Girls, is the man who built the couple’s £425 million fortune — and guided both of their business careers from 2003.

he put together the MLS (Major League Soccer) deal, which saw the Beckhams move to LA in 2007, and gave David the option to set up his own club at Inter Miami, too.

I’m told he even arranged the first meeting with the Mas brothers, who co- own the club with Beckham.

Moreover, the Beckham Brand company was set up with Fuller, Posh and Becks each having a third share — before Fuller was bought out for £50 million in 2019.

The entreprene­ur still remains on the board at Victoria’s fashion and beauty company, which he helped her to found. I understand he has shares there which amount to about 25 per cent of the business. But he’s been airbrushed from the Netflix Beckham documentar­y.

Victoria glancingly refers at one point to ‘my manager’, who told her that she and David should try to keep their romance under wraps after their first meeting, but that is it. A source says: ‘I hear that there is no love lost between Fuller and the Beckhams, which is a shame, as they used to be pretty much family to each other.’

A Beckham source says: ‘ Simon wouldn’t have expected to be in a documentar­y about David’s football career — it wasn’t about his business career or brand. As David has said, it was a love letter to football and family.

‘The documentar­y doesn’t get into the business side other than to cover a couple of his early deals like Adidas. The relationsh­ip remains good and open — Simon isn’t involved day-to-day any more, but remains a shareholde­r of Victoria’s business, which is obviously doing well.’

A source in the Fuller camp says: ‘Simon doesn’t have any particular feelings about the exit but would only say good things about David, if asked.

‘David had an option to buy Simon’s share in his company and he exercised it. That was just a business transactio­n.’

 ?? ?? Dosh and Becks: Simon Fuller with Beckham in 2016
Dosh and Becks: Simon Fuller with Beckham in 2016

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