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6 Roger, Cameroonia­n striker and oldest goalscorer in the men’s FIFA World Cup (5)

7 A form of identity allowing students etc. to buy train tickets more cheaply (8)

10 An item, especially a garment, that is no longer wanted (4-3)

11 Pablo, artist whose earliest named creative phase was called the Blue Period (7)

12 Pieces of humour appreciate­d only by a limited number of people (2-5)

13 Profession­al name of singer and musician born Stuart Goddard in 1954 (4,3)

14 Dental features at the back of the mouth sometimes called ‘third molars’ (6,5)

19 An anxiety or unconsciou­s fear in a person, often due to past experience (7)

21 A bridge carrying a road or railway line above another (7)

23 A small area of grass that is thicker or longer than what surrounds it (7) 25 An Afro-Caribbean hairstyle in which hair is arranged in tightly braided strips along the scalp (7)

26 A prolonged bitter quarrel or campaign against someone (8)

27 Jody, Paralympia­n partnered by Jowita Przystal in Strictly Come Dancing in 2023 (5)


1 A boxing vulnerabil­ity to a single hard blow to the chin (5,3)

2 King of Egypt who was

forced to abdicate in 1952 (6) 3 In Marvel comics and films, leader of a mutant group, whose birth name was Charles Francis Xavier (9,1)

4 Eric ____, an alias of fictional

superhero Bananaman (4)

5 ____ Run, toboggan track in St Moritz in Switzerlan­d that was built in 1884 (6)

6 Informal term meaning ‘to share the work that needs to be done’ (4,2)

8 A knot of ribbons worn in a

hat as a badge of office (7)

9 Cheese from unpasteuri­sed cow’s milk from the Jura region of France (5)

13 ____ intelligen­ce, the meaning of the modern acronym AI (10)

15 City in Greater Manchester whose rugby league team are the Red Devils (7)

16 London borough bordering Essex that is the city’s easternmos­t (8)

17 Andrew, actor who played James Moriarty in the TV series Sherlock (5)

18 Half asleep or lethargic (6) 20 A historic, long-barrelled

military firearm (6)

22 Unseen character in Hamlet described as ‘a fellow of infinite jest’ (6)

24 Name of the computerco­ntrolled car in 1980s TV series Knight Rider, voiced by William Daniels (4)


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