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Can there be a two-state solution in the Middle East?


GAZA is an anomaly, splitting the Palestinia­ns in two. If we are to have a two-state solution, might I propose that Gaza becomes a part of Israel, which makes geographic­al sense. An area of land approximat­ely the size of Gaza could be added to the West Bank to accommodat­e Gazans who do not wish to live in Israel; while Israeli settlement­s in the West Bank could be abandoned, with the settlers relocated to this new part of Israel. The new state of Palestine would be a more viable entity with defined borders, as would Israel.

B. WOOLVINE, Corfe Mullen, Dorset.

HAMAS and its shadowy sponsors have declared they will keep attacking (so no ceasefire is possible), with the aim of wiping Israel off the face of the earth. Useful idiots in the West supporting Hamas are not helping ordinary Palestinia­ns, humanitari­an efforts in Gaza or any search for a long-term solution to a very complex situation.

MIKE BASNETT, Walsall, W. Mids.

I AGREED with almost everything in Daniel Hannan’s article about the UN (Mail) except his criticism of Secretary General Antonio Guterres’s remark that the October 7 attack didn’t happen in a vacuum. Israeli settler violence,

evictions and land-grabs, with support from the Israeli state, on the West Bank over decades have been a recruiting sergeant for Hamas. The extremists on the Israeli side tend to become settlers on Palestinia­n land in the West Bank; some even want to evict all Palestinia­ns by sending them into Jordan and push the two million living in Gaza across the border into Egypt’s Sinai desert.

The problem is that the extremists on both sides have been allowed to take control. Real democracy is needed for both sides, plus a two-state solution.

CHRIS KING, Chichester, W. Sussex.

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