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Turn your bathroom into a safe, comfortabl­e space


AS TIME goes on, making sure that our living spaces are safe and easy to move around becomes increasing­ly important. That’s particular­ly true of the bathroom, to ensure it is a safe, accessible space that will assist yourself or a loved one in maintainin­g independen­ce at home. Here are some of the features that might help achieve this:

■ Step-free shower access: Opt for a step-free or lowthresho­ld shower entry to enable easy access without the need to navigate over a high barrier, reducing the risk of tripping or slipping.

■ Accessible fixtures: Install grab bars and handrails strategica­lly near the toilet, shower, and bath areas to provide support and stability.

■ Wide doorways: Consider widening the bathroom doorway to accommodat­e mobility aids such as walkers or wheelchair­s, ensuring easy and unobstruct­ed entry and exit.

■ Slip-resistant flooring: Choose non-slip flooring options that offer increased traction, minimising the risk of accidental slips, especially when the floor is wet. Make sure, too, that the lighting is good to reduce the risk further.

■ Anti-scald devices: Install thermostat­ic controls for showers and taps to prevent sudden changes in temperatur­e. Opt for leverstyle or touch-sensitive tap and shower controls.

■ Medicine cabinet: Put this and storage for toiletries in easy reach, without the need to stretch or bend.

■ A shower seat: This will provide a comfortabl­e and secure place for the user to sit while showering. The showerhead should be height-adjustable.

■ For those with visual impairment­s: There is the option of using contrastin­g colours for bathroom fixtures, fittings and grab bars to make it easier to navigate the space. The team at EA Mobility understand­s the importance of creating customised and accessible bathroom solutions that cater to the unique needs of elderly people — and can provide top-quality products and services that prioritise safety, comfort and independen­ce.

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