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■ I SUPPOSE there are no Just Stop Gas protesters because they all expect dinner when they get home.

DAVID EDWARDS, Leighton Buzzard, Beds.

■ THERE can be no sequel to a story that ends ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ (Letters) — unless the sequel begins ‘or did they?’

PETE JOHN, Cheltenham, Gloucs.

■ EMPTY churches (Letters)? The one I attend has more than 250 worshipper­s every Sunday.

PENELOPE SAVAGE, sutton in the Elms, Leics.

■ DOING my rounds as a nurse, I asked a patient ‘How are things?’ (Letters) His reply was: ‘I don’t know, I haven’t looked lately.’

JANICE FITTON, Pinner, Middx.

■ SUELLA BRAVERMAN leaves one jungle just as Nigel Farage enters another.

GEORGE WHEELER, wimborne, Dorset.

■ WHAT a disgrace that Commons SNP leader Stephen Flynn stood at the Cenotaph and refused to sing God Save The King.

M. ADAM, Dundee.

■ WOULD I spend £700 on a pair of black leggings (Mail)? And still look like Max Wall? You must be joking.

i. GREEN, Burton upon Trent, staffs.

■ OUR GP surgery has a flexible appointmen­t system. You choose between a telephone call in the morning, the afternoon or the evening.

RAY ADAMS, Bury, Lancs.

■ WHY do men with grey beards dye their hair black? They look ridiculous.

MARY FOSTER, Newbury, Berks. ÷ I AM fed up with Christmas already.

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