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We’ll feast on 423million pigs in blankets on Xmas Day – and some even start tucking in before 8am!

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IT’S never too early for a festive treat... but surely pigs in blankets for breakfast is an indulgence too far.

But research by Aldi suggests that not only will we eat 423million on Christmas Day alone, some of us will be feasting on our first by 8am.

While Brussels sprouts have been voted the most unpopular festive trimming, sausages wrapped in bacon are growing in status, the study shows.

During festive dinner itself, one in six Britons reaches first for the pigs in blankets with nearly 40 per cent preferring them to turkey. They first appeared in UK recipe books in 19 7 and the dish was popularise­d in the 1990s by celebrity television chef Delia Smith, who included a recipe in a cookbook.

They have grown increasing­ly popular with 44 per cent opting for them over chocolate and 29 per cent placing them ahead of roast potatoes.

The survey, released today, reveals one in ten will have consumed their first pig in blanket by 10am on Christmas Day while 6 per cent will have enjoyed one by 8am.

Supermarke­t Aldi conducted the research into the dish after selling 38million pigs in blankets last year – with prediction­s for that figure to increase to 43million this year.

Aldi also estimates up to 423million pigs in blankets will be eaten on Christmas Day based on research.

It found Brussels sprouts were ‘notably’ the food most of us would like to see banished, with 24 per cent wanting them completely ditched from the table. Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying at Aldi UK, said: ‘The famous pig in blanket has always been a popular Christmas trimming and our research really does show it to be a mighty festive staple.’ The supermarke­t is opening a ‘bottomless pigs in blankets restaurant’ in Camden, north London, where fans can indulge in a sixcourse menu of its festive range. Tickets for the meal are available now for £ on the Eventbrite platform.

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