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■ GOOGLE Mail informed me that if I blocked an ad, it should not appear again. It does. Maybe the AI is on a four-day week.

■ Peter Boxall, Haddenham, Bucks. HOPEFULLY Carol Vorderman can hold the door for Gary Lineker as she leaves.

■ Mick Bridgstock, rushden, Northants.

■ TO ME, Starmer will always be the man who takes off his poppy before he talks to Muslims.

ALAN KIPPS, Hadleigh, essex.

■ HAS anyone else noticed that WFH days are usually warm, dry and bright, while in-office days tend to be wet, windy and miserable?

Joy Hall, clayworth, Notts.

■ THE Beatles topping the singles chart, and the Stones and Cliff in the Top 5 album listings. It is 2023, isn’t it, not 1963?

TIM MICKLEBURG­H, grimsby, lincs.

■ GET back in there, Boris.

ANGELA UNDERHILL, exeter, devon.

■ I SENT the BBC two copies of the Oxford English Dictionary to clear up any confusion over what a man, a woman or a terrorist is.


■ BLACK Friday is the longest day of the year. As verified by retailers’ advertisem­ents, it lasts for up to 360 hours.

IAN DOLING, eastbourne, e. sussex.

■ I HAVE to applaud Matt Ridley for his article about the Cenotaph. It said it all.

kare N Moore, derby.

■ WHAT if ewe Fiona was anti-social, hated other sheep and wanted to be on her own?

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