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Edward: Men are not doing a very good job at the moment

- By Rebecca English Royal Editor

he’S not known for his stridently political speeches but Prince edward – of all people – might just have expressed what many a woman is currently thinking.

Seemingly referring to global crises including the invasion of Ukraine and the Israeli- hamas war, the King’s brother voiced the opinion that, perhaps, ‘men aren’t doing a very good job at the moment’.

edward, 59, who was made Duke of edinburgh last year, was speaking during a twoday official visit to South Africa. At the British high Commission in Pretoria on Monday night, to announce enhanced scientific collabora-source tion between South Africa and the UK, edward said: ‘I know the world is not in a happy place at the moment.

‘If I can be quite frank, men aren’t doing a very good job at the moment. So therefore I am not particular­ly happy about standing up here and speaking [as a man]. But I will say there is more that binds us together, more that brings us together, than separates us.’

It is understood edward’s comments were in response to speeches made by others, and in the context of a number of internatio­nal conflicts that had been mentioned.

‘ his Royal highness was reflecting on the need to build bridges and not allow conflict to drive communitie­s apart,’ a said. his words are likely to be welcomed by women’s groups, and no doubt his wife, the Duchess of edinburgh, who has become a global campaigner on gender equality issues, including the disproport­ionate impact of conflict on women and girls and the positive role women play in building peace.

Sophie is a major supporter of both the Women, Peace and Security agenda and the UK’s Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative.

Last night Prince edward arrived on St helena, a remote volcanic island in the South Atlantic Ocean that remains a British Overseas Territory.

And one of his first tasks was to meet Jonathan the Seychelles tortoise, who is believed to be 192 years old.

he was born in the 1830s, when King William IV was on the throne.

he has met a number of members of the Royal Family including Queen elizabeth, Prince Philip and Princess Anne, who was the last royal to visit in 2002.

‘We need to build bridges’

 ?? ?? Present: Edward wears a headband given to him at Pretoria’s botanical garden
Present: Edward wears a headband given to him at Pretoria’s botanical garden

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