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MY TEENAGE son bought a pair of Nike Air Force 1 trainers for £89.50 from an online retailer. But when the shoes arrived, one was a size nine and the other a size ten. I have phoned customer services several times but it cuts to voicemail.

J.l., n. Yorks.

THE retailer apologises and has refunded you the full amount. it says this was a packing error.

BEFORE Christmas, I visited The Post Office to send a parcel to my niece in Australia. I paid £20 for the postage but it was returned later, as the label had fallen off. I can illafford to lose this money. Can you help?

S.t., tyne and wear. the post office says it is sorry to hear that your label peeled off during its journey. to apologise for the inconvenie­nce, it will send you a £20 cheque to cover postage.

IN APRIL, I bought a Sous Vide Tools dehydrator from Amazon but it made a strange noise and imploded after three uses. I returned it to the manufactur­er who says it is still working and sent it back to me, implying that I caused the damage.

J.n., Cheshire.

SOUS Vide tools says the dehydrator was in proper working condition and it is implausibl­e that it imploded. amazon says you are now outside the claims period, and the issue was not under warranty, but it will offer a refund.

I HAVE been locked out of my account with Voxi, my mobile phone provider, for months. I contacted the company multiple times and even made an official complaint, but have made no progress. Please help — my phone is my lifeline.

H.a., via email.

VOXI’S parent company, Vodafone, apologised for the delay, which it says was due to technical problems. it has now logged you back into your account, upgraded your plan for free and offered you a gesture of goodwill.

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