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Is our military fit to face new world dangers?


IT IS said the only way to maintain peace is to prepare for war. Given the dangerousl­y low levels of the UK’s Armed Forces (similar to the reductions in the 1930s before ‘peace in our time’), how can the Conservati­ves talk about tax cuts? It seems we barely have sufficient troops to defend the Isle of Wight. When Argentina re-invades the Falklands, does Sunak intend to send the islanders a few copies of Teach Yourself Spanish so they can speak to their new conquerors?

P. W. REMBALSKI, Croxley Green, Herts. NATO officials believe all-out war with Russia within 20 years is a real possibilit­y. With a population of around 67million in the UK and an Army of fewer than 65,000 deployable troops, this is sobering news. It means there is just one soldier to defend every thousand or so residents against the colossal Russian military machine.

Over the past 40 years, a succession of government­s has reduced our ability to defend ourselves to almost nothing. But don’t worry, we may eventually be able to get to and from Birmingham by train 15 minutes quicker than before.

SIMON CROWLEY, Kemsing, Kent.

CONGRATULA­TIONS to Edward Lucas (Mail) for suggesting we offer our two useless, monolithic aircraft carriers to the U.S., which could at least afford to man and arm them. A brilliant piece of lateral thinking.

IAN GIBBON, Sherborne, Dorset. APPAReNTLY Britain has successful­ly fired a high-powered laser weapon called the DragonFire, which is so accurate it can hit a £1 coin half a mile away.

It has been asked when this weapon might enter service with what’s left of our Armed Forces. I’d say, when it is millions over budget and obsolete. JOHN KENNEDY, Hornchurch, Essex.

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