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PLAY our accumulato­r game! Every day this week, solve the crossword to find the letter in the pink circle. On Friday, we’ll provide instructio­ns to submit your five-letter word for your chance to win a luxury Cross pen. UK residents aged 18+, excl NI. Terms apply. Entries cost 50p.


8 A plant product used as a replacemen­t for animal protein (4,4)

9 Hostility or ill feeling (6)

10 ____ Hojlund, Danish striker who joined Manchester United FC in 2023 (6)

11 To make a pattern of behaviour standard or instinctiv­e (8)

12 A noisy and overexcite­d

reaction to something (8) 13 Phoenix ____, sitcom starring Peter Kay about a working men’s club (6)

14 The white tissue lining the

rind of oranges (4)

16 ____ Musgraves, country singer noted for her album Golden Hour (5)

17 Arthur ____ Stadium, main arena of the

U.S. Open in tennis (4)

18 Ethel, actress and singer born in 1908 noted for her strong, clear voice (6)

20 Decade associated with

the rise of Britpop (8)

23 Compelling attractive­ness or charm that can inspire devotion in others (8)

24 To separate grain from crops, typically with a flail (6)

25 Edward, physician and writer who originated the term ‘lateral thinking’ (2,4) 26 A conveyor system at an airport where passengers collect luggage (8)


1 A yarn or fabric from

an angora goat (6)

2 To criticise someone

behind their back (8)

3 Body of water that includes the resorts of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada (3,3)

4 Expression meaning ‘enjoying a dominant position’ (2,3,10)

5 A guarantee given to the purchaser of an article by its manufactur­er (8)

6 An important person, especially in a particular sphere (6)

7 Miles, colonel played by Stephen Lang in the Avatar film series (8) 15 A layer of frozen water covering a wide area of land (3,5) 16 The capital and largest

city of Jamaica (8)

17 Weekly TV show including interviews with Love Island contestant­s (8)

19 ____ In The Bathroom, 1980 song by the ska revivalist group The Beat (6)

21 ____ trail, a path through the countrysid­e usually with signposts (6)

22 Christian festival called

Paques in France (6)

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