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England star Kyle’s at his estranged wife’s bedside as she has baby Number 4

- By Alison Boshoff Chief Showbusine­ss Writer

FOOTBALLER Kyle Walker and his wife Annie Kilner are ‘overjoyed’ following the safe arrival of their fourth child over the weekend.

A friend said the past few months have been a ‘devastatin­g’ and ‘difficult’ time for Ms Kilner, 0, who discovered in December that Walker had fathered a second child with influencer Lauryn Goodman, .

The Manchester City and England star has been living in a rented house away from the

‘Working on the relationsh­ip’

£ .5million family home in Prestbury, Cheshire, since January. But the couple have been co- parenting their sons – Roman, 11, Riaan, seven, and Reign, five – and are doing their best to rebuild their marriage.

There is speculatio­n Ms Kilner may even take the baby to Manchester City’s home game against Real Madrid tonight.

Walker, , remains focused on chasing his second treble with Manchester City, and is understood to be potentiall­y fit after an injury, so could return for the Champions League.

Ms Kilner feared that stress could take its toll on her unborn baby, and found the media attention difficult during the latter stages of her pregnancy.

Interviews and social media posts given by Ms Goodman served to ramp up the drama, and Ms Kilner’s sister Sian spoke at the time of the ‘cruel’ impact it had on her.

Ms Kilner’s friend said: ‘The whole family are absolutely thrilled. It is a relief and a source of joy for them. They want to move forward with their lives, away from the drama.

‘The baby came over the weekend and we believe Kyle was with Annie in the hospital to support her, as was always planned. Kyle has been a very involved father, and a good father, throughout everything that has happened.

‘He and Annie are working on their relationsh­ip. They have not fully reconciled yet, he is still in his own place. However, they do want to send a message that they are united as a family, which is why they want to go to the match as a family.’

Ms Goodman had a brief fling with Walker in 2019 – while the footballer was temporaril­y separated from his long-term girlfriend Ms Kilner – and she gave birth to their son Kairo in April 2020. Ms Kilner and Walker, who first started dating at school, got back together and married in November 2021. But in October 2022 he slept with Ms Goodman again, and they welcomed a daughter last summer.

Walker said he slept with Ms Goodman only twice, insisting there ‘was no relationsh­ip’, and that she had ‘trapped’ him.

 ?? ?? WIFE Mum’s the word: Annie Kilner, 30, and Lauryn Goodman, 33
WIFE Mum’s the word: Annie Kilner, 30, and Lauryn Goodman, 33
 ?? ?? Father of six: Footballer Kyle Walker, 33, has become a dad again
Father of six: Footballer Kyle Walker, 33, has become a dad again
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