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- M. S., via email.

I BOUGHT a pair of ghd hair straighten­ers for £109.65 but returned them to its office in Leeds via Royal Mail. They were returned a few weeks later so I sent them back thinking it was a mistake. This time, ghd said I had sent them to the office, not the returns address, so they were returned to sender, but I never received them.

V. T., Newcastle. GHd says it does not advise its customers to send parcels to its office locations and it included the returns address within the order. It cannot offer a refund. Royal Mail says it cannot find the straighten­ers with the tracking number you provided.

I SOLD a laptop for £350 on an online marketplac­e a few months ago. The buyer arranged for the courier himself and sent me postage labels and paperwork, so I sent it off. I then received an email from the marketplac­e to say that the buyer was requesting a refund as the parcel had not been delivered. I reported the issue as fraud, but I have not had a refund.

D. B., via email. PaYInG for something and then claiming it never arrived to get a refund or replacemen­t has become a common scam.

I contacted the marketplac­e to ask it to look again at the decision and it has now reimbursed you £350.

IN MARCH I sent an expensive sound unit to a servicing company in London. I arranged for it to be delivered by UPS via comparison website ParcelComp­are, and paid damage insurance for £200 cover.

The unit has been damaged in transit but ParcelComp­are says my packaging was inadequate so it won’t pay out.

PaRcELcOMP­aRE apologises but says you did not follow its packaging criteria. It therefore cannot offer you a refund or compensati­on.

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