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‘Tiddlywink­s should be in the Olympics’

- BY MARTIN BAGOT chris.bucktin@mirror.co.uk

SUPPORTERS of tiddlywink­s say it should become an Olympic sport.

They claim it is very popular, with competitio­ns around the world.

Sarah Knight, 31, who chairs England’s Tiddlywink­s Associatio­n added: “The Olympics holds up the values of a balance between body and mind in their sports, which is key in tiddlywink­s.

“Great manual dexterity is needed at elite level to move winks around.

“Your mental ability is also tested as it is actually a very tactical game.”

The Internatio­nal Olympic Committee has to vote for the inclusion of a new sport.

Ms Knight added: “We hope they can see how great tiddlywink­s is and recognise it as a sport.”

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POPULAR Tiddlywink­s

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