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Capricorn Dec 22 –Jan 20 Mer­cury in Taurus is aligned with Saturn in Capricorn. So, this is the per­fect time to re­con­nect with some­one. In fact, you should be de­lighted af­ter a re­cent fra­cas. Nor should you be down­cast if some­one flirts right in front of your face. Be­sides that, the week­end will be bliss. For more call 0903 658 1001 (75p/min + net­work ac­cess charge)

Aquarius Jan 21–Feb 19 You may ex­pe­ri­ence some anx­i­ety at home. More so if you’re sup­posed to be host­ing a party this week­end. Though, if you have to go away and leave your house empty, you trust ev­ery­thing will be fine. Of course, it will be. How­ever, you should be op­ti­mistic for dif­fer­ent rea­sons. For more call 0903 658 1002 (75p/min + net­work ac­cess charge)

Pisces Feb 20–Mar 20 True, you may have thought that one as­so­ci­a­tion was done and dusted. How­ever, with Mer­cury in Taurus aligned with Saturn, you should be talk­ing in earnest to­day. There will also be a clus­ter of in­vi­ta­tions to brighten up even the drabbest of lives. No longer are you a so­cial out­cast. For more call 0903 658 1003 (75p/min + net­work ac­cess charge)

Aries March 21–April 20 The work­ing week should close on a re­ward­ing or re­as­sur­ing note. Hasn’t it been worth the ef­fort? In fact, you will slowly forget about any re­cent job losses and bro­ken prom­ises. Now, sup­pose money was no ob­ject, what would you do? You could find your­self in that sit­u­a­tion to­mor­row. For more call 0903 658 1004 (75p/min + net­work ac­cess charge)

Taurus April 21–May 21 Mer­cury in Taurus is su­perbly aligned with the con­ser­va­tive planet Saturn. So, you should sally forth, in spite of the fact that oth­ers are cau­tious. Don’t be sur­prised if you have to rely on an­other per­son for some se­ri­ous fun this week­end. Isn’t it time you let your hair down? For more call 0903 658 1005 (75p/min + net­work ac­cess charge)

Gem­ini May 22–June 20 You may have had to liq­uidise your as­sets. How­ever, a sur­prise of­fer should ma­te­ri­alise and you can re­build your busi­ness em­pire. What does this mean for the fu­ture of a part­ner­ship? Are you ready to let go with no regrets? This is some­thing you must ad­dress. For more call 0903 658 1006 (75p/min + net­work ac­cess charge) Can­cer June 21–July 22 It is time for some fun and fri­vol­ity. Not the most life af­firm­ing ac­tiv­i­ties in the world. Nor do you have a prob­lem ac­cept­ing an in­vi­ta­tion. But hav­ing blanked a so-called friend, there are no means of es­cape as the week­end be­gins. Just en­sure they don’t cramp your style. For more call 0903 658 1007 (75p/min + net­work ac­cess charge)

Leo July 23–Au­gust 22 Re­cent de­vel­op­ments may have left you feel­ing hu­mil­i­ated. The ten­dency now is to try and in­su­late your­self from any neg­a­tive ex­pe­ri­ences – which is a pity. In­deed, Mer­cury to­gether with Saturn in­di­cates you have a great in­cen­tive to­day. So, don’t let fear of fail­ure stop you achiev­ing. For more call 0903 658 1008 (75p/min + net­work ac­cess charge)

Virgo Aug 23–Sept 22 With Mer­cury aligned with Saturn, it’s time to get away. Any­where sunny is fine. It makes no real difference since you’re obliged to con­verse with those you were in­volved with yes­ter­year. Af­ter which, the love of your life will appear with a pain killer. It should be a quiet week­end. For more call 0903 658 1009 (75p/min + net­work ac­cess charge)

Libra Sept 23–Oct 23 Mat­ters re­lated to fi­nan­cial se­cu­rity are well starred. How much money do you need to be happy? Enough for a meal, and pay the bills? Suf­fice to say, what ma­te­ri­alises to­day should make your life more com­fort­able. Small fry com­pared to some peo­ple. At least, you have peace of mind. For more call 0903 658 1010 (75p/min + net­work ac­cess charge)

Scorpio Oct 24–Nov 22 Even though Mer­cury is aligned with Saturn, you may de­cide to de­cline a date. Maybe, your in­stincts are right. That some­body is not your type. As it hap­pens, an­other fate­ful en­counter could take place later this week­end. In­deed, you should have the time of your life. For more call 0903 658 1011 (75p/min + net­work ac­cess charge)

Sagittarius Nov 23 –Dec 21 This is not a time to slack off, and you may have to get off your back­side. Ei­ther way, your hard graft will be re­warded. De­spite the fact you were ter­ri­fied of get­ting the sack. How­ever, there is more to life than work. Make sure your pri­vate life is a pri­or­ity this week­end. For more call 0903 658 1012 (75p/min + net­work ac­cess charge)

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