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All the high­lighted words in this recipe for hot cheese and tomato wraps can be found in our word­search grid. The re­main­ing un­used let­ters in the fin­ished grid will spell out what the Span­ish word ‘tor­tilla’ means in English.


Ł ċ Ò½·Ò½ ž³à½ÕȔ’ ̽žÒ

tor­tilla wraps

Ł Ćć½ì ĖĈĊąŸė Ȕ’ 5”¦Œ”ÌҔÈ

or mild ched­dar cheese, grated

Ł Ćķć½ì ĖĆĊŸė žÈ”̤ Œ½È¦¸’”Èį Œ¤½AEAE”’ Ł ċ ³ÈŸ” স” Ò½·Ò½”Ìį Œ¤½AEAE”’

Ł Ć ‹Õ¸Œ¤ ÌAEȦ¸Ÿ ½¸¦½¸Ìį ÒȦ··”’

and finely chopped

Ł N³Ò ¸’ AE”AEAE”È Ò½ ̔Ì½¸

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