(around 350 calo­ries)

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Mex­i­can filled sweet potato

1 large baked sweet potato filled with ½ can black beans in wa­ter (drained) mixed with 1 diced tomato, ½ diced small red onion, chopped fresh co­rian­der and chilli, and lime zest and juice to taste. Top with 1tbsp unsweet­ened soya yo­ghurt.

Baked beans on toast

1 slice whole­grain toast with 1tsp dairy-free spread and 1 small pot no-added-sugar-or-salt baked beans. Plus 1 sat­suma and 1 small pot fruit soya yo­ghurt.

Roasted red pep­per, falafel and hum­mus wrap

1 whole­meal wrap filled with 3tbsp re­duced-fat hum­mus, 1 chopped roasted red pep­per from a jar (drained), 2 sliced falafel and a hand­ful of rocket.

Dips and chips

Cut 1 whole­meal wrap into bite-sized tri­an­gles, spray with oil and pop un­der a pre­heated grill, turn­ing once, un­til brown and crispy.

Serve with 2tbsp each of re­duced-fat hum­mus, salsa and gua­camole, and cru­dites made from 1 car­rot, ½ red pep­per and 1 cel­ery stick. Plus 1 sat­suma.

Veg­etable soup and roll

½ large car­ton chilled, ve­g­an­friendly soup with 1 small whole­meal roll filled with 1tsp dairy-free spread. Plus 1 ap­ple.

Cous­cous, car­rot and chick­pea salad

Salad made from 6tbsp pre­pared cous­cous (made with re­duced-salt veg stock), 1 grated car­rot, ½ large can chick­peas in wa­ter (drained), chopped cu­cum­ber, 1 chopped tomato, fresh co­rian­der, lemon zest and juice plus black pep­per.

Greek salad with pitta

Salad made from cu­cum­ber chunks, 1 sliced small red onion, ½ chopped green pep­per, 2 chopped toma­toes,

5 olives, 30g ve­gan feta-style cheese, 1tsp olive oil and white wine vine­gar, with 1 whole­meal pitta bread.

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