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‘1 in 5 den­tists will go bust with no govt sup­port’

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ONE in five den­tists are on the brink of col­lapse as the ban on rou­tine work has left prac­tices fi­nan­cially crip­pled.

The clo­sures could leave many pa­tients with­out a den­tist, the Bri­tish Den­tal As­so­ci­a­tion has warned.

In a BDA poll of 2,800 prac­tices, 71% said they could

stay fi­nan­cially sta­ble for three months at most, while 20% said they would not sur­vive past this month.

Less than a third said they will be able to re­turn to pre­vi­ous lev­els of pa­tient ac­cess when they re­open.

A quar­ter have tried to get a gov­ern­ment-backed loan,

but 93% were turned down. Nearly half of those who were de­nied have sought high­in­ter­est com­mer­cial loans.

Den­tists with more pri­vate than NHS pa­tients are most at risk of ruin, the BDA said.

Chair Mick Arm­strong said: “Many prac­tices are weeks from a cliff edge, sad­dling

them­selves with debt they may never be able to re­pay.

“It was right to sus­pend all non-ur­gent care, but with­out mean­ing­ful sup­port den­tal ser­vices face dec­i­ma­tion. Nearly ev­ery surgery re­lies on pri­vate care to stay afloat.

“The impact will be felt by pa­tients in ev­ery com­mu­nity.”

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