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2,000 more Russian special forces pouring into Belarus

- FROM CHRIS HUGHES Defence and Security Editor in Ukraine

THOUSANDS more elite Russian special forces are flooding Belarus, escalating fears of an imminent Ukraine invasion.

The 14th Spetsnaz Brigade is made up of 2,000 crack assassins, sabotage experts and covert operatives.

They will bolster at least 5,000 of the SAS-style forces already massed there, among 80,000 regular soldiers from

Russia and Belarus. A UK security source yesterday told the Daily Mirror it was a “very worrying developmen­t”.

They added: ”In times of war the primary function of Spetsnaz troops is infiltrati­on, insertion behind enemy lines, either in uniform or civilian clothing.

“This is usually well before hostilitie­s, to commit acts of sabotage, destructio­n of communicat­ions, logistics centres and the assassinat­ion of key leaders and military officers.” Russia has claimed the build-up is for exercises with local forces.

British Rivet Joint spy planes are believed to be involved in NATO efforts to monitor the area for signs of invasion.

At least 126,000 Russian forces are already gathered on Ukraine’s eastern flank and off the coast in warships.

Ahead of his visit to Kyiv, PM Boris Johnson said: “We urge Russia to step back and engage in dialogue.”

 ?? ?? WAR GAMES Tank on manoeuvres in Belarus
WAR GAMES Tank on manoeuvres in Belarus

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