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PM ‘attended prosecco bash’

- BY PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor and LIZZY BUCHAN pippa.crerar@mirror.co.uk @PippaCrera­r

BORIS Johnson was in the Downing Street flat the night of a fizz-fuelled gathering being investigat­ed by the police for potential Covid law breaches, it was claimed yesterday.

The Prime Minister was seen heading up to his flat on November 13, 2020 for the gathering, which took place on the night Dominic Cummings left No10, according to the Telegraph.

Sue Gray’s interim report into a string of parties revealed three events which were not previously in the public domain. One of them was the leaving do for an official who now has a senior role in the culture department.

The Guardian reported Mr Johnson attended the event, at which guests drank prosecco, and he gave a speech. It means the publicly known list of gatherings the PM was at has grown again.

It came as Downing Street performed another U-turn yesterday saying it would tell the public if Boris Johnson gets fined for flouting Covid rules. No10 had previously refused to say if it would reveal any fixed penalty notice given. Police are investigat­ing a dozen gatherings in Downing Street and Whitehall, including several Mr Johnson is believed to have attended. With pressure mounting on the PM, more Tory MPs piled in to demand an end to his chaotic leadership. After MP Andrew Mitchell publicly withdrew his support for the PM, Sir Charles Walker, vicechairm­an of the party’s backbench 1922 Committee, said Mr Johnson should have the “courage” to quit.


He told Channel 4 news: “If he was to say, ‘I understand I asked so much of the country and it needs to come to terms with that grief and pain and start healing, and if it could do that better without me in No10 then I shall stand aside,’ that would show great courage.”

Peter Aldous, MP for Waveney in Suffolk, said he had written to 1922 committee chair Sir Graham Brady calling for a vote of no confidence. The party had “no alternativ­e” but to ditch Mr Johnson, he added. But Communitie­s Secretary Michael Gove said of the PM: “I think he’s doing a brilliant job.”

Scotland Yard has said it has been handed 300 pictures and 500 documents by civil servant Sue Gray for its inquiry.

On Monday, Ms Gray published a stripped back “update” of her own parties probe, in which she blasted the “failure of leadership” in Downing Street.

Mr Johnson appeared to commit on a trip to Ukraine to releasing Ms Gray’s full report once the police probe is done – despite his previous reluctance.

“We’ll publish everything we can as soon as the process has been completed,” he said.

Asked if No10 would say if the PM was hit with a fixed penalty, his official spokesman said: “Hypothetic­ally, yes.”

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MP Peter Aldous ‘GO’ PLEA

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