Daily Mirror

Squeezing the poorest


SLASHING the living standards of families who are already feeling the squeeze could trigger a ferocious backlash against the Conservati­ves and Boris Johnson.

Households simply cannot lose nearly £2,000 in spending power without feeling intense pain or plunging into debt.

The Cabinet Ministers increasing taxes on incomes through National Insurance or failing to cool rising prices – particular­ly soaring fuel bills – are a major part of the problem.

One of the fundamenta­l dividing lines in politics is whose side a party is on. Opinion polls suggest voters are recognisin­g the Conservati­ves are tightening family budgets callously whereas Labour is proposing fullycoste­d policies to put extra money into pay packets and slow price hikes.

Working people deserve better from a government and political party which only pretends it is on their side, levelling down their living standards while falsely claiming to want to level up those it disadvanta­ged for years.

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