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Target crime in poor communitie­s to tackle divide


THE Tories cannot level up the country without tackling crime as poorer areas are being hit hardest, Shadow Policing Minister Sarah Jones has warned.

Speaking to the Mirror, the Labour frontbench­er tore into Home Secretary Priti Patel for ripping “the heart out of policing” as statistics showed police solved just over 5% of burglaries last year and anti-social behaviour runs riot. She said: “You can’t level up without cutting crime.

“You’re seven times more likely to be a victim of homicide if you live in the poorest 10% of the community than if you live in the richest 10% and you are five times more likely to be admitted to hospital with a knife offence. More deprived areas suffer more in terms of street crime, violent crime, different types of crime. There’s a definite inequality.”

The mother-of-four also disclosed how being targeted by criminals left her family feeling “vulnerable”. She recalled death threats sent to the Croydon MP’s family and her home has been burgled twice.

“It was scary,” she said of the raids.

 ?? ?? RAID Sarah Jones
RAID Sarah Jones

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