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Parky-hating Emu to leg it off to charity


A MAN given the spare Emu that Rod Hull kept in his car just weeks after the comic’s famous interview with Michael Parkinson has given it to charity.

Rod Hull and Emu’s appearance on the 1976 chat show went down in TV history after the bird attacked Parkinson.

Brian Poulter, now 93, has told how he met Rod not long after, in the car park at Ealing film studios.

Brian, from Capel St Mary, Suffolk, said: “He had a flat tyre, so I offered to help him out. I offered to replace it for him.

“Rod was very grateful and said he always carried a spare Emu in his boot and that he was giving it to me to say thank you.”

Brian has now donated it to the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices charity.

 ?? ?? CHAT Parky, Emu and Rod
CHAT Parky, Emu and Rod

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