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Furious farmer flipped car with tractor in ‘self defence’


A FARMER who wrecked a car parked on his land when he flipped it over using a forklift tractor acted in “self defence”, a court heard.

Robert Hooper, 57, was caught on film as he left a new Vauxhall Astra smashed and on its roof. Durham crown court heard it was left on the drive to his remote farm in Co Durham by Elliot Johnson and Charlie Burns after a blow-out.

They claim Hooper drove at their car without warning, pushing it on to the B6277, before knocking over

Mr Burns as he turned the tractor. Hooper claimed he was defending himself after he was told to “f*** off” and punched in the face when he asked them to move the car.

Mr Burns, 21, who had been drinking on the day out at a beauty spot, was recorded on bodycam telling police: “Get him out of the house, I’ll open him up.”

Hooper, of Newbiggin-inTeesdale, Co Durham, denies dangerous driving and criminal damage. The trial continues.

 ?? ?? TRIAL Robert Hooper, 57
TRIAL Robert Hooper, 57

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