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Areyoutop fir trees?

Root through unbe-leaf-ably fun quiz..


AN old English oak tree, a weeping willow or a spectacula­r spruce, everyone loves a beautiful tree.

And the good news is scientists believe there might be 9,000 as-yet undiscover­ed species of them.

Of the 73,300 estimated species of trees on our planet, the researcher­s, writing in the Proceeding­s of the National Academy of Sciences journal, predicted there are 9,200 that are yet to be identified.

Dr Yadvinder Malhi, of the University of Oxford, who worked on the study said tropical forests were the “global treasure chests of biodiversi­ty”, adding that they are vital in the fight against climate change as trees are significan­t absorbers of carbon dioxide emissions.

More also needs to be done to protect trees as they are needed for food, timber and medicine.

But how much do you really know about them? Test your knowledge with our tree-mendous quiz...

1. Name the type of tree in this picture, below.

A) Norway Spruce B) English Oak C) American Sycamore

2. In which country did the Bonsai technique of growing small varieties of trees in pots originate? A) South Korea B) Vietnam

C) Japan

3. A new type of tree discovered in Cameroon was recently named after which climate advocate and Hollywood actor?

A) Leonardo DiCaprio B) Brad Pitt

C) Will Smith

4. Which type of tree is pictured below?

A) Dragon tree B) Weeping willow C) Cacao tree

5. Acorns are the fruit of which type of tree?

A) Blue spruce B) Oak C) Papaya tree

6. What is the tallest tree in the world?

A) Coastal Redwood B) Beech tree C) Alder

7. Who is credited with bringing the first Xmas tree to the UK?

A) Prince Albert B) King Edward VIII C) Queen Charlotte, consort of King George III

8. Which tree do these leaves belong to? A) Canadian red maple tree B) Silver birch C) Aspen

9. Approximat­ely how old is the UK’s oldest tree, the Fortingall yew in Perthshire? A) Between 500 and 700 years old B) between 800 and 1,000 years old C) Between 2,000 and 3,000 years old

10. Which tree has the type of leaves pictured at the bottom of the page?

A) Elder B) Ash C) Holly

11. The National Trust uses the leaves from which type of tree as its logo? A) Coconut tree B) Mighty Oak C) Cherry tree

12. What type of tree is pictured right? A) African oil palm B) Pecan C) Gingko

13. Which tree’s glossy brown seeds are commonly known as conkers?

A) Yew B) Horse chestnut C) Bamboo tree

14. Which UK tree, introduced to this country by the Romans, is known for having these leaves, right?

A) Hornbeam B) Black poplar C) Sycamore tree

15. Which is the best time of year to see cherry blossom trees?

A) Autumn B) Winter C) Spring

16. What type of tree can be found on the Lebanese flag?

A) Green cedar B) Northern red oak C) Pistachio

17. Which tree is known as the ‘tree of Heaven’ thanks to its ability to grow towards the sky very quickly?

A) Olive tree B) Ailanthus

C) Rowan tree

18. From what type of tree do the berries used to make sloe gin come from? A) Douglas fir B) Elm C) Blackthorn tree

19. Which type of tree is this, pictured left ?

A) Laburnum tree B) Beech tree C) European hornbeam

20. What is the largest forest in the UK?

A) Galloway Forest B) Sherwood Forest C) The New Forest

21. Which is the only country in the world named after a tree?

A) St Lucia B) Brazil C) Pakistan

22. What is the biggest rainforest in the world, home to one in 10 of the Earth’s species?

A) Congo Rainforest B) Kinabalu National Forest C) The Amazon

23. Which continent is the teak tree native to? A) Africa B) Asia

C) Europe

24. Which is the type of tree pictured left?

A) Box tree B) Rubber fig C) Neem tree

25. What tree has this kind of foliage, right? A) Black cherry tree B) True cinnamon tree C) Nutmeg

26. What was the name of the tree in the Garden of Eden whose fruit Adam and Eve were banned from eating?

A) The forbidden apple tree

B) The tree of knowledge of good and evil C) The tree of Eden

27. What fossilised part of a tree is Amber made from?

A) Leaves B) Trunk C) Sap

28. Which English football team is nicknamed ‘the Cherries’ because their

stadium was built on a cherry tree orchard?

A) Sunderland B) Bournemout­h C) Chelsea

29. What type of tree looks like this, right? A) Poplar B) Bay tree C) Hardy palms

30. Which British tree, associated with the underworld in Celtic mythology, has seen 90% of them wiped out by a deadly disease?

A) London plane B) Cotoneaste­r

C) Elm

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BLOOMS When is it best to see cherry blossom?

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