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No Digging! No Effort! No Garden Required!


Harvest up to 30lbs of delicious potatoes within weeks of planting! SAVE £20.00 when you buy the Complete Kit for just £19.95! Imagine growing the freshest, tastiest crops of delicious home-grown potatoes – all from your own patio, with no backbreaki­ng digging whatsoever!

Simply add compost and water and you can enjoy the unbeatable flavour of the freshest new potatoes just 10 weeks from planting! Grows to 50cm.

Your kit contains:

18 Seed Potato ‘Turbo Tubers’ (6 Each of 3 Varieties)

1kg Pack of Organic Potato Fertiliser (Worth £6.99!)

3 Heavy Duty 30L Pots (Worth £14.99!)

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