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A brave butterfly gently settles on the nose of this delicately sketched portrait of a curious cat in Jan East’s first ever pencil drawing she did in lockdown. The talented amateur artist has a warm lively style that brings out the best in her animal portraits. She says: “I am a 77-year-old living in the beautiful Sovereign Harbour in Eastbourne.

“I have always loved painting but during lockdown I discovered the joy of coloured pencil and pastel work which has kept me busy and led to me being asked to draw pet portraits for people.

“This was one of my first pencil portraits and is one of my favourites – I hope you like it.”

You can see more of Jan’s work at jansart.uk. Amateur artists and photograph­ers and crafters of all ages are very welcome to send their work to hang in our gallery. Please include a selfie, your age and location, and tell us what inspires you to siobhan.mcnally@mirror.co.uk

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