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“Nothing sparkles like a Babycham,” went the 1980s advert with a Bambi-like creature, followed a few years later with, “Hey, I’d love a Babycham,” in a cool club full of New Romantics. It was the starter drink of choice for teenagers, followed swiftly by Lambrini in the park and a rummage behind the bandstand with your spotty boyfriend.

Rememberin­g another old alcoholic tipple, John Hardy, in Hull, writes: “Just seen your column in my favourite paper, my favourite jingle was from the late 1950s for Jubilee stout.

“It went like this, ‘Jubilee, Jubilee, Jubilee suits me, and you’ll find it suits you too!’ And was served in a wellknown white bottle.”

John adds: “I was about 14 then, but I did try it later, great taste and really smooth. Strange how you remember after all these years, I am 77 now and have not had one for a long time.”

Mint sweets have always been an important weapon in the teenager’s arsenal and were employed to take the smell of booze or fags off your breath before your mum noticed.

Reader Mick Townsend, in Haverhill, Suffolk, writes: “My brother and I were invited to a children’s party in the early 50s in another flat on our estate and they had a TV.

“I remember there was a cartoon advert for Murray Mints and the jingle went, ‘Murray Mints, Murray Mints, too good to hurry mints,’ and showed someone being chased by a mob into a fort, while the French Legionnair­e wouldn’t open the gate till he’d finished his sweet!”

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