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Tale of the tape


PAM & TOMMY LILY James, best known for sweet-as-pie roles like Cinderella, is transforme­d into busty blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson in this eight-part real-life tale.

The mad, eccentric drama is based on the true story of when Pamela and husband Tommy Lee’s sex tape went viral in 1995.

Sebastian Stan, aka Marvel’s Bucky Barnes, plays Motley Crue drummer Tommy, who makes a brilliant entrance in a tiny thong, smoking and drinking and showing off his massive MAYHEM chest tattoo.

Pamela doesn’t feature much in episode one – there’s a brief introducti­on when we see her crawling around on the kitchen floor picking up ice, wearing only knickers and a skimpy T-shirt.

But Disney+ is dropping the first three episodes today, with Pamela featuring far more in the second show.

Seth Rogan, sporting an admirable 80s porn star hairdo, is excellent as wronged carpenter Rand Gauthier, who ultimately steals the couple’s safe containing the tape as “compensati­on” for Tommy’s abhorrent behaviour.

The plot flashes back and forth from Pam and Tommy’s first meeting, through to their whirlwind wedding, the sex tape release and aftermath.

It’s heavy on the sex and nudity – watch out for one er, stand-out scene with a talking animatroni­c penis – and you can’t miss Lily’s fake chest piece.

It has a great soundtrack and cast, including Nick Offerman as porn producer Uncle Miltie and Taylor Schilling as Rand’s ex Erica.

Don’t expect depth – it’s a bit cliched and cartoony. But for a hedonistic, bonkers thrillride, it’s a lot of fun.

 ?? ?? WILD Lily James and Sebastian Stan star as the celebrity couple
WILD Lily James and Sebastian Stan star as the celebrity couple
 ?? ?? HOT CAST Seth Rogen and Nick Offerman
HOT CAST Seth Rogen and Nick Offerman

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