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Reaching its conclusion, this gritty police thriller written by an ex-cop has been a relentless journey through crime and mental health.

Martin Freeman is excellent as Chris Carson, the night-shift Liverpool officer who has been dragged from one crisis to another, battling the frontlines, home troubles and his own mind.

Last we saw, Chris had been taken prisoner and is now forced to work for major drug dealer Greg Gallagher to return the drugs stolen by Casey (Emily Fairn).

Ashamed of what he’s put his family through, he’s forced to come clean to wife Kate (MyAnna Buring) who urges him not to hand himself in, for her and Tilly’s sake.

After speaking to Carl’s wife Jodie he realises there may be a way to appease the gang, while not giving them the drugs.

But when his partner Rachel, played by Adelayo Adedayo, calls needing urgent help, Chris is forced to delay his plan while he helps her.

 ?? ?? IN DEEP Martin Freeman as cop Chris Carson
IN DEEP Martin Freeman as cop Chris Carson

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