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Give NHS due credit


When defending themselves against the Partygate allegation­s, Boris Johnson and the Tories continuall­y claim credit for the vaccine rollout.

However, coronaviru­s vaccines had been in developmen­t by scientists for many years and it was our wonderful NHS, helped by an army of volunteers, who delivered it. Boris may have prompted from the sidelines but with late lockdowns, Covid brought into nursing homes and 150,000-plus deaths, it is a case of lions led by donkeys. Phil Tate, Chester

I was already a fan of Prof Brian Cox, the ever-youthful, clever physicist and I enjoy his wonderful, mind-boggling programmes. But after reading his tweet blasting Boris Johnson over the party investigat­ions (Your Voice, January 31), I am an even bigger fan. Well said, Prof Cox! Helen Tabern Garswood, Merseyside

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