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Seeing red over Gray whitewash


Sue Gray says there has been a “failure of leadership” in Downing Street. What’s new? We already knew that Boris was a failure when he failed to immediatel­y sack Cummings, Hancock and Patel.

I watched his statement to the House of Commons on Monday and he was absolutely shameless. Starmer skewered him, even some of his own backbenche­rs were critical of him. Every opposition MP was given the same answer – to wait for the police report.

He wouldn’t give a straight answer to anything. The person who holds the highest political office in the land should be above reproach. Sadly, this is not the case with Johnson.

Now it looks like some Downing Street staff will lose their jobs, some maybe rightly, but the overriding person who should lose theirs is the great charlatan we have as PM.

Keith Bowman, Chesterfie­ld

I’m 75 and I love my country. I have seen riots, our troops killed in other parts of the world and here at home. I have been saddened and angry but I have never been ashamed to be British. I listened to the British Prime Minister apologise, then equivocate and try to hide from it. In that moment I was very sad, but I was also ashamed. Now I am just angry. He must go!

To our Prime Minister I would say: You have damaged the reputation of our country. Resign now! Lin Francis Southampto­n

The partial report into the alleged parties in Downing Street is a shambles and has been set up to deliberate­ly kick the can down the road. It is mired in claims of collusion, whitewashi­ng and short-changing everyone.

What exactly is going to happen when Boris Johnson announces the report into the Government’s handling of the Covid crisis? How long will that take? When will the Met get involved? How old will I be when it’s eventually published?

I would imagine Boris is hoping that it’ll be well after he has gone.

Barry Foster, Wigan

Does Boris Johnson think his feeble apology in the Commons is going to save him? He seems to live by the old saying, “Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools”. Well, we certainly have been taken for fools but I don’t see Boris as a wise man. He should do the decent thing and resign. He has lost all credibilit­y and is not fit to hold high office. Victor Laidlaw, St Leonardson-Sea, East


My sympathy is with Sue Gray who was asked to make a report on her boss, only to be told by the Met she’d have to redact large parts of it. Boris Johnson is a laughing stock around the world. My neice in Canada tells me even her teenage children are making jokes about him. If he had one ounce if integrity he would resign immedietly. It’s a gross insult to all the families of those we lost to Covid.

Christine Brown, Hull

Where is the national outcry as, yet again, our wriggling eel of a PM and his cronies have managed to infiltrate other corridors of power to water down any chance of him being shown for who he really is? The oters must wake up before the next election so this self-centred Government don’t get elected again. K Barnes, Lincoln

Johnson is like a two year old sitting on the floor covered in crumbs, chocolate all over his face, wrapper in hand, but saying he did not take the chocolate biscuits.

Hardly an edifying image of a sitting PM.

Paul England, Evesham, Worcs

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