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One and Two level as well as further down the pyramid.

Former Sports Minister Tracey Crouch’s fan-led review demanded clubs “stopped pleading poverty” and gave more cash to help other clubs as well as appoint an independen­t regulator for football.

Scally said: “I’ve seen the figures, what has been spent in January – and I couldn’t believe it.

“It’s staggering and obscene, especially when they are refusing to negotiate any kind of solidarity or restructur­ing of the financial distributi­on for the pyramid of football.

“A fan of any Premier League club should not feel comfortabl­e about this. My conscience would not allow me to support them and condone what’s happening. It’s disgusting.

“The Tracey Crouch report is adamant and very damning about the problems and the Premier League and their clubs (right, top spenders Newcastle boss Eddie Howe) are either failing to accept their responsibi­lities or do anything about it.

“They’ve gone on a spending spree the likes of which will sicken every fan in the country.

“The government must get involved soon and make sure the Premier League is sanctioned and regulated with all powers remaining to the regulator because they have no intention of coming to the table of their own accord.”

The Premier League is understood to be working through the recommenda­tions and findings of the Tracey Couch report and has stressed they already give huge sums to the pyramid.

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