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The name game


Hidden in the grid is the name of an actor. Answer the questions, then rearrange the letters correspond­ing to your answers to fill in the name.

BOX1: In which British soap did Matt Di Angelo play the role of Dean Wicks? EastEnders (L) Coronation Street

(W) Emmerdale (H)

BOX2: Omophagia is the eating of what kind of food? Overcooked food (V) Raw food (E) Poisoned food (U)

BOX3: Who composed the song Death and the Maiden?

Wagner (B) Mozart (P) Schubert (O)

BOX4: Who was an original presenter of The Voice UK, alongside Holly Willoughby? Dermot O’Leary (H) Patrick Kielty (R) Reggie Yates (A)

BOX5: Eduard Shevardnad­ze was foreign minister under which Soviet president?

Leonid Brezhnev (B) Mikhail Gorbachev (H) Yuri Andropov (E)

BOX6: Who directed the 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption?

Frank Darabont (C) Steven Spielberg (A) Robert Zemeckis (S)

BOX7: The late King Vidor was a famous name in which field? Opera (B) Filmmaking (L) Physics (Y)

BOX8: To which of these dancers was Jessica Lange married?

Rudolf Nureyev (V) Wayne Sleep (A) Mikhail Baryshniko­v (J)

BOX9: Which famous painting is believed to be a portrait of the wife of Francesco del Giocondo?

Mona Lisa (E)

Girl with a Pearl

Earring (L)

The Shepherdes­s (G)

BOX10: Ben Affleck (pictured) won his first Oscar for co-writing which 1997 film?

Good Will Hunting (M) As Good as It Gets (D) GI Jane (A)

 ?? ??
 ?? ??

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