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PM ducks the migrant crisis


BORIS Johnson avoided tackling The French President over migrant crossings of the English Channel yesterday.

Thousands of asylum seekers have landed in Kent this year and the PM had been expected to raise the crisis when he sat down with Emmanuel Macron on the

fringes of the G7 Summit – but Mr Johnson did not mention the issue.

Nor did they discuss Brexit issues and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Instead their talks focused on Ukraine, and the French President’s vision for a wider European community,

in which the PM showed “lots of enthusiasm”, according to Mr Macron’s officials. Asked why the crossings were not raised, the PM’s spokesman said: “They have talked about those issues previously and I’m sure they will again.” Mr Macron’s plan for a wider European

club would open the way to closer ties with countries including the UK.

■ Britain will pump another £25million into internatio­nal efforts to prevent future pandemics, Boris Johnson announced last night.

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