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ANTI-Tory tactical voters are ahead of opposition parties in creating progressiv­e alliances, backing whichever candidate is best placed to defeat the Conservati­ve one.

That ministers Sajid Javid and Suella Braverman are screaming democracy is under threat betrays Tory blind panic after disasters in Tiverton and Wakefield.

Personally I’d back formal electoral alliances between Labour, Greens and Liberal Democrats but that’s unlikely to happen this side of a General Election.

So for now I’ll enjoy the hypocrisy of a Tory Party that in 2010 formed a ConDem coalition, in 2017 bought DUP MPs in a £1billion “bung” and in 2019 benefited from Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party pulling candidates in Conservati­ve seats.

 ?? ?? IN A FLAP MP Suella Braverman
IN A FLAP MP Suella Braverman

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