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Teen blows a small fortune from his nose


A SCHOOLBOY blew a 5p coin out of his nose, which he reckons was stuck up there for 10 years.

Umair Qamar, 14, said he vaguely remembers shoving the silver piece up a nostril a decade ago.

But despite countless sore noses and trips to the doctor, the coin was never found, until last week.

Umair had been feeling nasal pain again so his mum Afsheen, 43, told him to blow it but was shocked by what came out.

She added: “It happened so randomly. I just cannot believe we never knew.

“Umair does silly things and doesn’t tell us.”

Umair, of Croydon, South London, said: “When I got over the shock of it all, I felt pure relief. But it definitely took me a while to get over the surprise.”

 ?? ?? RELIEF Umair Qamar & 5p
RELIEF Umair Qamar & 5p

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