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Glasto boss Emily Eavis was so desperate to get Jay-Z to perform in 2008 she even contacted the star on the day of his wedding to Beyonce.

Jay-Z headlined the Saturday night of that year’s festival amid controvers­y about a rap artist performing – with

Noel Gallagher saying the booking was “wrong”.

Emily recalls: “He was getting married some time just before, and I remember speaking to his manager on the day of the

Bet the little fella is devastated he was left on the bench and didn’t make the first team. Ouch.’

Liam Gallagher ribs brother Noel after Sir Paul McCartney brought out Bruce Springstee­n and Dave Grohl after Noel warmed up for him wedding, and he was like, ‘You’ve got to stop this, this is crazy!’ I can’t stop this... it’s completely out of our hands, it’s gone to another level.” Jay-Z came on stage to Wonderwall as a retort. She says: “They turned it into an amazing part of his set.

“In the face of adversity, you have to own it. He did. Within about three seconds, it was clear he was going to. It was remarkable. It’s hard to believe that was so controvers­ial, now.”

Former Blue Peter presenter Richard

Bacon moaned that Glastonbur­y was “really ugly and sh**”.

He whinged: “The TV makes it look great. When you get there it’s bloody awful.

“It’s so old and white. It’s about as cool as going caravannin­g with a load of 50-something bearded Lib Dems.” Richard, 46, seemed to be having a fine time at the hospitalit­y bar…

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