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- Chris Packham Gemma

Naturalist has revealed a softer side to

Collins after she impressed him on Springwatc­h recently.

The GC is known for her diva ways but, speaking after doing a panel talk at the Leftfield Tent at Glastonbur­y, Chris said:

“We need people like Gemma on board.

“She said yes straight away when she was asked. Gemma did everything we asked her to do and absolutely bought into it, and constantly said how much she was enjoying herself. She wasn’t a diva in the slightest.

“We had a great conversati­on about plants and gardens.” Chris now wants to get Man Utd footballer Marcus Rashford on the show. He said: “He is an absolute hero of mine. I had such admiration for all of his campaignin­g work and the way he’s used his profile.” Chris was taking part in two talks at Glastonbur­y on Friday after being invited by close musician pal Billy Bragg.

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