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Roaming cops hit hotspots

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SPECIAL “flying squads” are being set up by police to crack down on trouble hotspots.

The units, called Kestrel teams, are tasked with tackling drug dealing, car crime and other anti-social behaviour.

Unlike convention­al bobbies on the beat, the flying squads are sent into communitie­s to tackle sudden surges in crime.

They can knock on doors looking for suspects, arrest county lines drugs dealers and police public events.

The units were developed by Suffolk police and are backed by policing minister Kit Malthouse.

Teams seized £33,000 worth of drugs, arrested 66 people, submitted 2,221 intelligen­ce reports and conducted 1,103 hours of patrols in problem areas in the year to last September, Suffolk police said.

Det Supt David Giles of Suffolk police said: “They have the freedom to move to different places to tackle community problems, engage with the communitie­s and have adaptable, dynamic movement.

“They might be in one town one day and another the next.”

Mr Malthouse said fighting crime involved focusing on types of crimes, specific criminals and geography.

He added: “When you combine all three you often get outstandin­g results.”

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PATROL Police on the streets

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