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Prostate cancer protein link found


A PROSTATE cancer breakthrou­gh could stop tumours spreading after the growths become resistant to hormone therapy, scientists say.

Anti-hormonal treatment blocks the signal sent out by testostero­ne that stimulates tumour growth.

But eventually the cancer cells become resistant and the growth spreads. A team led by Dutch experts found proteins that regulate the body clock dampen the therapy.

Lead researcher Dr Wilbert Zwart, of the Netherland­s Cancer Institute, said: “These ‘circadian clock’ proteins acquire an entirely new function in the tumour cells upon hormonal therapy. They keep these cancer cells alive, despite treatment. This has never been seen before. We will need to start thinking outside the box when it comes to new drugs. This could save a decade of research.”

The researcher­s say there is no evidence to suggest people with outof-kilter body clocks could be at a higher risk from the disease.

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